Lifestyle Assessments & Energize Weight Management Programs

Lifestyle Assessments ~ this is carried out at the initial consultation. It enables us to see the whole picture from your Medical Health History to your Exercise / Health / Attitude Profile, after which realistic goals can then be set and monitored.

Energize Weight Management Programme ~ We offer a structured six week Weight Management Programme which focuses on your understanding of dietary and nutritional requirements either in a group setting or individually.

Improve the what you eat today!

Education ~ Ongoing throughout your time with ASKE we can advise on all aspects of health & fitness to ensure sustainable changes are made to exercise, eating and lifestyle, enabling you to achieve your goals.

Advisory Board ~ Sometimes we don’t always know the answer! We work with a selected group of affiliated health professionals and will always admit if we need extra help.

In the past we have consulted with Podiatrists for biomechanical assessments, Pharmacists for advice on medications and their effect on exercise, GPs for guidance with diabetes and arthritis and Physiotherapists for specific injuries or muscle imbalances.

Confidentiality is guaranteed at all times and we would ask permission from our client in advance.