Find Out What Healthy Eating Means…

It can be a challenge to eat healthily on a budget if you do not have much time, do not know too much about which foods are nutritious and cheap, where to buy them and how to cook them. 

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First, find out what healthy eating means

For most people, eating healthily means .

  • Try to Eat around one third of our food in the form of starchy foods such as bread, cereals, potatoes and yams. Instead of white bread switch to brown bread or also known as wholegrain bread.
  • Trying to make sure you  5 or more portions of fruit and vegetables a day. 
  • Eating plenty of milk and dairy products in decent/ moderate amounts and preferably lower fat versions
  • Eating substantial  amounts of protein foods daily (meat, fish and alternatives such as eggs, nuts, beans and pulses)
  • Avoid eating sweets and chocolates, also try to avoid all fizzy drinks. Check this out 

Top Healthy Eating Tips

You’ll Need To Know your local shops and markets and buy cheap

 A bit of planning will be needed and looking around your area to get to know your local stores and markets better will really pay off.

The Most important thing is to find where the cheapest but good food is and to make sure its as close to the route you take from home to work or school as possible.

Markets are the perfect place to Stock up on fruit and vegetables whenever you pass by them is a good idea as they are usually cheaper than supermarkets.

Buy seasonally

You can tell what is in season usually by price, buying strawberries in the winter is always going to more expensive. If you’re aware of what is in season you will get it cheaper and it usually tastes better too!