Challenge Yourself & Become A New You

The New Year has started which means New Year’s resolutions.

The majority of resolutions include fitness training, cooking & eating healthier, changing your look and to even relax a bit.

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All of these are easily do-able; however some find it difficult, which is why we have created our own guide in doing it all in one year!

Change Your Look With Natural & Long Lasting Makeup‎


Save time every morning and wake up with brows you feel confident in without having to touch them up at all.

Semi-permanent makeup allows this to happen – without being in discomfort.

Eyebrow tattoo’s are an amazing answer to those who want full, perfectly shaped, harmonious eyebrows to make you seem younger and much more attractive.

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Relax More In 2017

Relaxation is vital for those who wish to be continuously happy, whilst it is important to keep your brain busy, it is equally as important to relax and let go of your worries.

We supply spa breaks away where you can experience numerous treatments and living in prestigious accommodation.

Stay Fit With Us!

Here at ASKE, we have many fitness training programmes that help you become fit in everyday life.

Our training includes exercising with your daily routines to high intensity regimes that give you weight loss in just under 2 months.

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We also have classes for intense muscle building with our top personal trainers – all of these have been awarded with the Personal Trainer of the year.

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We have the best PT as this means you experience the best quality services from all of us at ASKE.

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Join the Dinner Revolution‎ and Learn How To Cook

If you’re interested in staying fit, eating a healthier and balanced diet coincides perfectly.

Classes are available for those who wish to eat a healthier diet, but are unsure on how to cook this and integrate this with your daily life.

Find out what healthy eating involves.

Honestly Healthy Food is specialists in helping you get the best nutrition’s out of your food, whilst still tasting great! Browse classes.