Healthy smile

Healthier Mouth Means Healthier Smile

“Why Do My Gums Bleed?” is a common question that dentists are faced with This week’s blog is about gum disease, and what you can do to prevent it. Get in touch today. Gum disease is a problem which affects the majority of the population at some point in their lives, and the problem tends to get worse as you

Goal Setting

Setting goals is a great way to kick start your new year! You can set goals in all areas of your life – fitness, diet, relationships, career and community are common themes. Make a list of your goals – writing down your plans is important to help you to stay committed. Setting goals gives you something to focus on and

Helping Others

Being of service and helping others is a great way of helping yourself to become a better you. Volunteering gives you an opportunity to get involved, meet new people and learn new skills. Giving your time and attention can make a big difference to individuals and communities. Helping others is a great way of boosting your self esteem and making

Specially Put Together Pilates Class For Athletes

Pilates class for athletes Specially put together for runners, cyclists and triathletes, these focussed Pilates classes allow you to improve your balance, co-ordination, flexibility and core strength all vital components of fitness for sports people. Small classes ensure personal attention at all times, with focus on great technique to give you the most benefit from each individual move. Use the

The Best Cosmetic Treatments / Therapies at Extremely Competitive Prices

We have conducted our own survey about cosmetic/therapy choices and what most effectively help others. Below are the results and a bit of information about each procedure. We will also work on recommending the best businesses in the UK that offer these services. Get your desired look fast with dermal fillers Dermal fillers are used to contour, create volume, and

Lifestyle Assessments & Energize Weight Management Programs

Lifestyle Assessments ~ this is carried out at the initial consultation. It enables us to see the whole picture from your Medical Health History to your Exercise / Health / Attitude Profile, after which realistic goals can then be set and monitored. Energize Weight Management Programme ~ We offer a structured six week Weight Management Programme which focuses on your

Motivation & Inspiration With The Best Fitness Programmes

To be fully effective, any trainer you choose should be fully qualified with individual specialist qualifications. Ensure that they all have professionalism, enthusiasm and client-focused attitudes. All show the same drive for education and self improvement in their fitness careers. This is reflected in the unique service and personal attention given by each team member. Click here for information about

Find Out What Healthy Eating Means…

It can be a challenge to eat healthily on a budget if you do not have much time, do not know too much about which foods are nutritious and cheap, where to buy them and how to cook them.  How can you contact us? First, find out what healthy eating means For most people, eating healthily means . Try to

Health & Nutritional Values – Set Your Goals

Nutritional Values  Nutrition can be a very complex subject, knowing the types of nutrients, what they do for our body’s and how much of these nutrients we should be consuming on a daily basis can be very difficult to grasp. First of all it is important to understand that depending on what your personal goals are will determine how deep